Cochrane Rehabilitation will be present at the following events:

13-17 February, 2018

Association of Academic Physiatry (AAP)

Keynote by Prof. Stefano Negrini

Session by Prof. Stefano Negrini and Dr. Carlotte Kiekens

Atlanta, USA
19-22 April, 2018

VII Croatian Congress of PRM

Sibenic-Solaris, Croatia
1-6 May, 2018

21st European Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation medicine (ESPRM 2018)

Session: "Cochrane Rehabilitation: an update"

Workshop: "Systematic Reviews: writing, reading, applying"

Vilnius, Lithuania 
8-12 July, 2018

12th World Congress of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM 2018)

Special session: "Cochrane Rehabilitation: activities 2017-2018"


Paris, France
13-15 September, 2018

57th ISCoS Annual Scientific Meeting

Sidney, Australia