In rehabilitation, EBM has been considered with diffidence by some, since RCTs in our field are difficult to conduct. Cochrane is at the centre of the EBM approach. This is a great opportunity for the rehabilitation specialty to contribute to the successful use of EBM.

Cochrane Rehabilitation Methodology committee is working hard as all the field to improve and strength the methodology of rehabilitation research, with a series of initiatives, the most important was a two days Cochrane Rehabilitation Methodological Meeting (Catalyst seminar), led by William Levack. The meeting was held in Paris before the 12th ISPRM World Congress. The idea is to have these Cochrane Rehabilitation Methodological Meetings every year and invite the respective editors to the one-two days meeting aiming at the production of a supplement issue on rehabilitation research methodology. The next meeting will take place in Kobe, Japan, a one day meeting before the 13rd ISPRM World Congress has already been planned in collaboration with the American Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. The aim of this initiative is to combine efforts between Cochrane Rehabilitation and Journals to promote methodological studies relevant and valid for rehabilitation research. This would be realized by liaising with international rehabilitation journals for the publication of methodological papers.

Methodological papers based on the Catalyst seminar have been recently accepted for publication in the European Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine (EJPRM)