Communication Committee

This first year of Cochrane Rehabilitation was intense and thrilling! As a non expert in communication I had the chance to learn a lot! We started our Committee work on the 22nd of October 2016 when we received the approval for the Field. We worked hard to create the website on time for the Cochrane Rehabilitation Launch on the 16th of December!

I have to thank the Cochrane Communication experts and Chiara, Joel and Roberta, from Cochrane Rehabilitation Headquarters, for technically creating the website and making all the changes suggested day-by-day by Stefano, Carlotte and myself!

The website is today and will remain in the future the main repository of all our work. In the Website it is possible to find all the complex organization that have been set up till now to fulfil our tasks; all the Cochrane Reviews tagged till now; all the news; all the future and past workshops and educational events as well as meeting participations. From 2018 it will host all our blogshots after their production and the link to our e-book.

Along with the website (4727 people visited the website), we created a Facebook page (1231 likes), a Twitter account (700 followers), and a YouTube channel (27 videos, with a mean of 57 visualizations). Since June 2017 we have started a quarterly Newsletter (361 of NL subscribers) to spread the news on our activities.

Our next goal is to make sure that all the Cochrane Systematic Reviews (CSR) of rehabilitation interest are promptly diffused among our community. To accomplish this goal, we are going to share weekly on the socials (blogshot)and monthly on the NL the main results of the CSR.