List of Cochrane Systematic Reviews of interest to rehabilitation. Last updated on 31/08/2019

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By subtopic:

Health Conditions (1153)
Gynaecology or Urology (44)
Mental Health (28)
Neurological (342)
Older Adults (>65 years) (89)
Oncology (46)
Orthopaedic or musculoskeletal (incl. pain conditions) (395)
Biofeedback for neck pain (protocol stage)
Other (60)
Paediatrics (<18 years) (70)
Respiratory (59)
Professionals (1323)
Clinical Psychologist (64)
Occupational Therapist (125)
Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine physician (409)
Biofeedback for neck pain (protocol stage)
Physiotherapist (477)
Biofeedback for neck pain (protocol stage)
Rehabilitation Nurse (69)
Speech Language Therapist (44)
Multi-Professional Team (129)

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