Coordinator’s communication

The Networking Strategy

Cochrane Rehabilitation is realized thanks to the collaboration of many people. The organisation and coordination of the different activities has been the Coordinator’s main role during the past year. Cochrane Rehabilitation is based on the work of five Committees but also of Units and Individuals performing several tasks. Individuals are involved in a top-down strategy through specific calls (actual and past can be found in our website) coming from our Headquarters and Committees; Units are bigger groups that show interest in collaborating with us and are able to provide a financial support for their activities with Cochrane Rehabilitation: they are approached with a bottom-up strategy according to the their local interest that can well combine with the aims of our Field.

A group of individuals in Pakistan have done a first experiment screening all published Cochrane reviews during 6 months in 2017 and tagging those relevant for the world of rehabilitation. Now a call for Cochrane Review Tagging has been made to the whole Cochrane Rehabilitation Community.

During the past months, web meetings were held with 10 candidates to set up Cochrane Rehabilitation Units and an eleventh one has been scheduled.  Up to now two Units have submitted their Action Business Plan: the Turkish Society of Physical Medicine &Rehabilitation and the Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professions (NMAHP) Research Unit at the Glasgow Caledonian University. A third unit has been set up at the Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Department of the University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli" in Naples which will work together with Cochrane Rehabilitation Headquarters in Rovato for the production of an e-book compiling all relevant Cochrane reviews including specific summaries for different audiences.

Lectures, sessions and workshops have been held in about 17 meetings up to now and participation in 6 more meetings in 2018 is already planned. Collaboration with several scientific and user organisations is being set up. One way of involving stakeholders is through their membership of the Advisory Board.