Croatian Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

The Croatian Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM) is a professional society of the Croatian Medical Association. It gathers more than 250 medical specialists and residents in PRM, promoting professional and expert activities for the well-being of both patients and the medical profession.

The Society has operated continuously since 1947, when it was established in Zagreb as the Section of Rheumatology, Physical Medicine and Balneoclimatology of the Croatian Medical Association. Since then, changes in the medical profession and medical terminology led to the Society’s name change in 2005 to the Croatian Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Croatian Medical Association. 
Since signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Cochrane Rehabilitation during the 7th National Congress of the Croatian Society of PRM in Šibenik (spring, 2018), several members of the Society have been actively involved in the preparation of Cochrane Review blogshots and their translation into the Croatian language. The translated blogshots are published on the Society’s website. All active members of the Society also receive the Cochrane Rehabilitation newsletter.

Future collaborations between the groups include a Cochrane workshop, chaired by Dr. Frane Grubišić and Ass. Prof. Jure Aljinović, and a scientific session at the 2020 Congress of the Society in Šibenik, April 16–19. The scientific session is dedicated to evidence-based rehabilitation and will be chaired by Dr. Grubišić and Simeon Grazio.

In the second half of 2020, the Society’s national journal will begin publishing Cochrane Corners, abstracts of Cochrane Reviews. Ass. Prof. Aljinović is the liaison between the Society and Cochrane Rehabilitation, and Ass. Prof. Ana Poljičanin is responsible for the blogshot translations, along with other PRM physicians and residents.