Director’s communication

The Knowledge Translation strategy

Cochrane is intensively working on Knowledge Translation (KT), since its mission is not only to find the best evidence, but also to spread it. KT is the main aim of the Cochrane Fields and it is the direct responsibility of the Director.

During the past year the Director’s main effort was to start all the work of Cochrane Rehabilitation, including daily activities and the activities of the different Committees, and to diffuse the news of our existence. He was one of the Key Note Lecturers at the 12th World Congress of ISPRM in Buenos Aires giving a talk about evidence based medicine, KT and Cochrane; he also participated in several other meetings with presentations on Cochrane Rehabilitation, EBM and Knowledge Translation.

The Director has been nominated as Board Member of the Knowledge Translation Advisory Board of Cochrane, whose aim is to develop the part of the Cochrane 2020 Strategy related to the communication issues.

Cochrane Rehabilitation proposes itself and is perceived as a possible way to implement the KT strategy. When compared to other Fields and Groups of Cochrane in fact Cochrane Rehabilitation is very well established in the stakeholders’ world, and its origin is due to an initiative of some rehabilitation stakeholders. This greatly facilitates the KT strategy and makes it more effective.

A lot of work has been done so far and a lot more will be done in the forthcoming months and years.