Education Committee

The Cochrane Rehabilitation Education Committee aims to provide education and training on evidence based medicine and systematic review methodology to rehabilitation stakeholders.  The committee has assembled a group of individuals who have responded to the call to contribute towards the committee objectives and is still planning on the scope and type of educational material to be developed. At the same time, we continue to collect relevant EBM materials such as websites and existing online courses that might be useful for our stakeholders and will be made available in the organization website. The committee has submitted a proposal to organize EBM workshops in the Meetings of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation (ISPRM) Paris 2018 and European Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ECPRM) Vilnius 2018. This is only the last couple of workshops, since this activity has been pursued systematically in most of the international meetings so far: the list include: ISPRM Buenos Aires 2017, GES Cape Town 2017, SIMFER Genoa 2017, ACRM Atlanta 2017, MFPRM Malta 2017, BNFPRM  Maastricht 2017, MENA PRM Dubai 2017, ARUR Moscow 2017, ASCoN Chiang Mai 2017.