Health Rehabilitation Research Group - University of Antioquia

The Health Rehabilitation Research Group of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Antioquia in Medellín, Colombia, was founded as an interdisciplinary research group in 2002. This Research Group works in different lines of research; one of them is knowledge translation. In this line we have developed several clinical practice guidelines based on the GRADE framework for the Ministry of Health of Colombia.
In line with two Memoranda of Understanding that we signed with Cochrane Rehabilitation, we have developed the following activities: creation of a Latin American network of rehabilitation professionals interested in Cochrane Rehabilitation;  broadcasting of Cochrane Rehabilitation information in different information web portals for Latin America; translation of Cochrane Blogshots from English to Spanish and the dissemination to national societies of Latin America; educational activities, as a way to promote evidence-based medicine and as a strategy for the transfer of knowledge applied to rehabilitation, that are offered online or as a part of congresses and meetings for professionals of rehabilitation, with the support of different scientific societies of rehabilitation in Latin America; adaptation of the GRADE methodology for systematic reviews and Clinical Practice Guidelines; tagging review-related activities in collaboration with the Cochrane Rehabilitation reviews committee.
To strengthen these strategies, the Health Rehabilitation Research Group and Cochrane Rehabilitation have also signed up the respective Memoranda of Understanding with the Colombian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation(ACMFYR) and the Latin American Medical Rehabilitation Association (AMLAR).
The professors of our group who work in these projects are: Vanessa-Andreina Seijas, Ana-Maria Posada, Fabio-Alonso Salinas, Mario Giraldo-Prieto, Daniel-Felipe Patiño, Jesús Plata, and Luz Helena Lugo-Agudelo.