Hungarian Rehabilitation Society

The Hungarian Rehabilitation Society (HRS) was founded in 1966. The Society involves all team members in medical rehabilitation, not only physicians. Members are active in several fields of medical rehabilitation. Consequently, it has several sections like neuro-rehabilitation, musculoskeletal, medical aids, psychology, etc. The Society is a member of the Federation of the Hungarian Medical Societies (MOTESZ). 


Main activities of the Society:

-       An annual meeting is held at various town locations across Hungary. The meeting involves scientific presentations and training sessions. 

-       For young rehabilitation team members, a special forum called “FiFo” is organized each year. 

-       An award for young researchers, called “László Gergely,” is presented.

-       The “Vas Imre” award is presented to one or two experts for outstanding activity in the field of rehabilitation.

-       The scientific journal of the Society, “Rehabilitáció,” is published quarterly. It is published in Hungarian, but the papers have English abstracts. 

-       The Society supports other scientific meetings and training courses organized by various sections of the society and collaborating institutions.

-       The Society operates a website and regularly circulates an HRS newsletter.

-       A Memorandum of Understanding between Cochrane Rehabilitation and HRS was signed in March 2019, in Budapest. Since then, several Cochrane blogshots have been translated into Hungarian and are available on the HRS website. 

-       The HRS website has a permanent link to the Cochrane Rehabilitation website, and HRS newsletters regularly prompt members to visit our website.