The Italian Society of Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine

The Italian Society of Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine (SIMFER) is the Italian scientific association of physicians working in the field of Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine. Founded in 1958 and now with more than 4,000 registered members, SIMFER has a scientific, humanitarian, and professional mandate.

SIMFER promotes the education of physiatrists through cultural initiatives, scientific events, and professional updating meetings. It promotes the relationship with institutions, societies, and national and regional scientific bodies for the definition of “consensus” and “best practice” documents, guidelines, and paths of care for people with disabilities and their families.

SIMFER is a member of both the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine and the European Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.

SIMFER’s activities are organized throughout the national territory thanks to the efforts of 17 Regional Secretariats. The scientific activitIes are also pursued through 30 scientific sections. Among the main activities carried out and organized by SIMFER are:

- The annual national congress, where scientific and organizational topics are discussed;
- Promotion of Consensus Conferences (2000, 2005, 2010 – three Consensus Conferences on the Care and Rehabilitation of People with Acquired Serious Cerebrovascular Diseases, the 2019  Consensus Conference “Rehabilitation assisted by robots and electromechanical devices for people with disabilities of neurological origin”);
- Collaboration with international scientific entities, such as the Cochrane Rehabilitation Field.