Mission and Goals

Cochrane Rehabilitation aims to ensure that all rehabilitation professionals can apply Evidence Based Clinical Practice; by combining best available evidence as gathered by high quality Cochrane systematic reviews, with their own clinical expertise and the values of patients. Our vision is a world where decision makers are able to take decisions according to the best and most appropriate evidence in this specific field. Cochrane Rehabilitation wants to improve the methods for evidence synthesis, and to make them coherent with the needs of disabled people and the daily clinical practice of rehabilitation.

Cochrane Rehabilitation has set up six specific goals:

  1. To connect stakeholders and individuals involved in production, dissemination, and implementation of evidence based clinical practice in rehabilitation, creating a global network

  2. To undertake knowledge translation for Cochrane on reviews relevant to rehabilitation, with dissemination to stakeholders, in line with Cochrane’s knowledge translation strategy

  3. To develop a register of Cochrane and non‐Cochrane systematic reviews relevant to rehabilitation

  4. To promote Evidence Based Clinical Practice and provide education and training on it and on systematic review methods to stakeholders

  5. To review and strengthen methodology relevant to Evidence Based Clinical Practice to inform both rehabilitation and other Cochrane work related to rehabilitation and stimulating methodological  developments in other Cochrane groups

  6. To promote and advocate for Evidence Based Clinical Practice in rehabilitation to other Cochrane groups and wider rehabilitation stakeholders