Cochrane Colloquium 2018

Our experience at the 2018 Cochrane Colloquium!  

We really enjoyed the 2018 Cochrane Colloquium! 
The meeting had 1,275 attendees from more than 57 countries.

Great effort was put into making the Colloquium a ‘Patients Included’ event. 
Another central theme was the focus on Cochrane Strategy 2020.
Cochrane Rehabilitation's contribution consisted of two presentations and two posters: 
- Prof. Thorsten Meyer (presentation): RCTs in rehabilitation research 
- Prof. Stefano Negrini (presentation): Crowd-sourcing the identification of rehabilitation-relevant review
- Dr. Chiara Arienti (poster): The effectiveness of Student 4 Best Evidence as a tool to improve Evidence-Based Practice competencies in undergraduate health professional students: a pilot study
- Prof. Antti Malmivaara (poster): Generalizability of findings from Randomized Controlled Trials in the Leading General Medical Journals
The meeting represented an important chance to network and get to know the different perspectives that Cochrane can offer to the healthcare world, ensuring that the voices of consumers, researchers, clinicians, and policy makers are equally valued.
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