Cochrane Rehab at the Global Evidence Summit 2024


We are thrilled to announce that Cochrane Rehabilitation will be at the upcoming Global Evidence Summit 2024, scheduled to take place in Prague, Czech Republic, from September 10th to 13th at the prestigious O2 universum. Pre-summit meetings kick off on Monday, September 9th, setting the stage for what promises to be a pivotal event in the world of evidence-based practice.

At this year's summit, Cochrane Rehabilitation will proudly present a diverse array of contributions, with five short oral and four poster presentations from different members:

Short Orals:

  1. Opening the rehabilitation “black box” to improve reporting and evidence synthesis. The Guideline for Intervention Description in Rehabilitation (GUIDE-Rehab)
    Presented by Stefano Negrini
  2. The World Health Assembly 2023 resolution calls all stakeholders to prioritize Health Policy and Systems Research in rehabilitation
    Presented by Carlotte Kiekens
  3. One size does not fit all – investigating complex interventions when RCTs are not feasible. Experiences from the rehabilitation field
    Presented by Stefano Negrini
  4. Mapping Synthesis of Overviews of Cochrane Systematic Reviews as an evidence implementation tool for clinicians
    Presented by Chiara Arienti
  5. Appropriate use of the label 'systematic review' according to a novel definition in a sample of recently published papers
    Presented by Stefano Giuseppe Lazzarini


  1. An ebook as an implementation tool for clinicians: the Cochrane Rehabilitation experience with overviews of Cochrane reviews
    Presented by Francesca Gimigliano
  2. The influence of bias in randomised controlled trials on rehabilitation intervention effect estimates: what we have learned from meta-epidemiological studies
    Presented by Chiara Arienti
  3. Introduction to Target Trial Emulation in Rehabilitation: A Systematic Approach to Emulate a Randomized Controlled Trial Using Observational Data
    Presented by Jessica Wong
  4. Development of an IDEAL-Rehab Framework to Guide Study Design and Conduct Evaluations of Rehabilitation Interventions
    Presented by Heather Shearer

Additionally, Carlotte Kiekens will participate in a workshop submitted by Jorien Laermans from Cochrane First Aid, in collaboration with Cochrane Pre-hospital and Emergency Care, Cochrane Nutrition, Cochrane Germany, the Campbell Collaboration, the Joanna Briggs Institute and eBASE Africa, titled "Toolbox for effective evidence dissemination: a hands-on workshop."

The Global Evidence Summit serves as a crucial platform for advancing evidence-based practice and fostering collaboration among stakeholders worldwide. We are honored to be a part of this important gathering and look forward to sharing our insights and work with the global community.

For more info, visit the GES2024 website: