The Cochrane Rehabilitation Annual Report 2021 is available

The Annual Report 2021 of Cochrane Rehabilitation is ready.

Over five years have elapsed since the establishment of Cochrane Rehabilitation. Last year saw the consolidation of Cochrane’s internal organisation in addition to its pivotal research support to the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding pandemic management. Cochrane Rehabilitation celebrated its 5th Anniversary in December 2021 by hosting three virtual events. These events highlighted the accomplishments of the past five years that have honed our current vision and served as the perfect forum to outline our future goals and objectives for the next five years.

The report presents the activities completed in 2021 by the Cochrane Rehabilitation's five Working Areas:

  1. Review Working Area
  2. Publication Working Area
  3. Education Working Area
  4. Methodology Working Area
  5. Communication Working Area

The report also includes the projects carried out during 2021:

  • Rehabilitation – COVID-19 Evidence-based Response (REH-COVER) action
  • WHO – Best Evidence for Rehabilitation – Be4rehab project
  • Cochrane Rehabilitation ebook project
  • Prioritisation exercise project
  • Rehabilitation definition project

You can find the complete report at this link.

On this page, you can read the past reports.