To discuss the PhD thesis in COVID-19 times by Chiara Arienti

To discuss the PhD thesis in COVID-19 times…a bittersweet taste.

Never as in this historical period, science is showing its limits and difficulties in guiding the clinical and political decision-making for the management of global COVID-19 epidemic.
To discuss the PhD thesis in a period when the science is not able to give helpful and prompt information for the humanity, leaves a bittersweet taste.
“Bitter” because there is a great displeasure for what it is happening all over the world, for the isolation that does not allow to meet face-to-face and consequently, in my case, to defend the doctorate thesis online, and not live supported by parents and friends.
“Sweet” because to get the PhD degree and to become a researcher at COVID-19 time means to take the responsibility of what we do, but overall the awareness of the limits of research and researchers. This means that the researcher should have a humble behaviour in front of what science is not able to explain and to manage. This is a limit beyond which the researcher cannot go and which that often forget to have.
On the other hand, it is thanks to this limit that the researcher discovers his/her role, the value of being a researcher, keeping the strong desire to continue to “search”, in any situation, respecting the limit of his/her work.
Consequently, to get the PhD in COVID-19 times becomes a honour and a great responsibility towards first of all patients, but also clinicians and policy-makers.
I would like to thank my “Cochrane Rehabilitation Family” for their love and friendship during these amazing and unforgettable three years!
Keep healthy and safe!