Joint workshop for WHO Package of Rehabilitation Interventions and Rehabilitation Competency Framework

In the occasion of the Second World Health Organisation (WHO) Global Rehabilitation 2030 Meeting in Geneva, on the 10th of July participants in the Package of Rehabilitation Interventions (PRI) and Rehabilitation Competency Framework (RCF) development were invited to technical working group session on 10 July.

Cochrane Rehabilitation is strictly collaborating with the WHO in producing the PRI through the Best Evidence for Rehabilitation (be4rehab) project.  

After the presentation of both projects (PRI and RCF) the participants, including our Coordinator Carlotte Kiekens, were assigned to 6 small working groups, representing different health professions, from different regions and settings. They were asked to define the necessary assistive devices, equipment, consumables, identify the necessary knowledge and skills and grade their level, to provide the selected assessments and interventions. These interventions were prepared by an expert group, based on the selection from high quality guidelines and Cochrane Reviews. This work was done for two of the planned 20 health conditions: amputation and stroke. The systematic reviews of the guidelines and extraction of the interventions were performed by technical working groups, in close collaboration with Cochrane Rehabilitation through the  ‘be4rehab’ project (see paper by Rauch A, Negrini S, Cieza A.). The meeting was concluded with a very constructive feedback session providing useful input for the next steps in the projects.