Official Launch Event

16th of December Official Launch of Cochrane Rehabilitation.

The official  day of Cochrane Rehabilitatiosn is finally arrived. The Cochrane press release for this important day!

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Video-messages schedule:

Mark Wilson - CEO for Cochrane Rehabilitation - video presentation

Stefano Negrini (Director) - Cochrane Rehabilitation vision and goals - video presentation

Carlotte Kiekens (Coordinator) - Cochrane Rehabilitation organization - video presentation

William Levack (Reviews Committee Chair) - Identifying evidence - video presentation

Francesca Gimigliano (Communication Committee Chair) - Communicating evidence - video presentation

Frane Grubisic (Publication Committee Chair) - Publication evidence - video presentation

Antti Malmivaara (Methodology Committee Chair) - Methodology to gather evidence in Rehabilitation - video presentation

Thorsten Meyer (Methodology Committee Co-Chair) - RCTs in Rehabilitation and related problems - video presentation

Julia Patrick Engkasan and Elena Ilieva (Education Committee Chair and Co-Chair) - Educating to Evidence Professionals - video presentation

Farooq Rathore (Low and Middle Income Representative) - The Low and Middle Income perspective - video presentation

William Levack (Professionals Representative) - The Rehabilitation Professionals perspective - video presentation