Cochrane Rehabilitation hosted its 4th Methodology Meeting “Randomised Controlled Trials Rehabilitation Checklist (RCTRACK) Consensus Conference” in Orlando, Florida, on March 3–4.
Participants were all Executive Committee members of RCTRACK
Chiara Arienti (Ita), Susan Armijo-Olivo (Can), Pierre Côté (Can), Julia Patrick Engkasan (Mys), Giorgio Ferriero (Ita), Walter Frontera Roura (Pri), Andrew J Haig (U.S.), Allen W Heinemann (U.S.), Francesca Gimigliano (Ita), Christoph Gutenbrunner (Ger), Alan Jette (U.S.), Carlotte Kiekens (Bel), Friedbert Kohler (Aus), Dinesh Kumbhare (Can), William Levack (Nzl), Wendy Machalicek (U.S.), Thorsten Meyer (Ger), Paul Montgomery (Eng), Stefano Negrini (Ita), Randolph Nudo (U.S.), Aydan Oral (Tur), Dominic Pérennou (Fra), John Whyte (U.S.). 

The meeting represented the third step of the RCTRACK project:

  1. Identification of the critical items in rehabilitation research. 
  2. Literature review to identify a first set of items. 
  3. Consensus among experts to define and refine the final list of the checklists.

The aims of the meeting were to discuss and review the papers produced by the working groups following the first and second step, which will be published in special sections of the American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine and to develop the first draft of the RCTRACK reporting guideline.