RehabEvolution - Technological Innovation in Neurorehabilitation

A background in gradient color with the logo of the "RehabEvolution" meeting. The subtitle (in Italian) is: Technological Innovation in Neurorehabilitation (in Italian: Innovazione tecnologica in neuroriabilitazione).

Registration for the "RehabEvolution - Technological Innovation in Neurorehabilitation" meeting, organized by the Montecatone Institute and scheduled for October 25th and 26th, 2024 in Bologna, is now open.

The meeting will address topics such as the use of robotics, telerehabilitation, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and functional recovery of patients with neurological injuries. Additionally, discussions will cover the role of rehabilitation professionals in the digital age, ethical and legal implications of new technologies, and the accessibility and sustainability of innovative healthcare services.

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Please note that the conference will be conducted in Italian.