Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Essential Part of UHC

A hand laying cubes on which health-related symbols are drawn: a vertical cross, a heart, a pill, a drop of blood, a person in rehabilitation and a syringe.

Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology as an Essential Part of Universal Health Coverage: A Joint Position Statement to Strengthen Rehabilitation in Health Systems

It is estimated that 1 out of 3 people globally need rehabilitation. However, more than 50% of people needing rehabilitation cannot access it. Financial barriers are key reasons for not seeking or receiving rehabilitation and assistive technology.

Cochrane contributed to a joint position statement (available here) in the lead-up to the United Nations’ High-Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage, in September 2023, to call on leaders to reaffirm and enhance the recognition of rehabilitation and assistive technology, - as an essential part of Universal Health Coverage.

During this meeting, will be developed the new political declaration involving governments, health providers, the World Health Organization, and technical and financial partners to improve access to quality rehabilitation services and assistive technology for everyone in need, everywhere, but in particular in Low- and Middle-Income Countries.