Support the Priority III project as COVID-END partner

The Priority III project aims to identify the current most important research questions on how we bring together and summarise information from lots of different research studies, using an approach called a 'rapid review’.

The project’s first stage was an online survey, launched in October 2020, where we asked people to tell us what they thought were the most important questions or issues about how we plan, do, and share the results of rapid reviews.

In this second-stage survey, we are asking you to select the 10 questions that you think are most important about how we plan, do, and share the results of rapid reviews.


This survey comes to you from the Rapid Review Methodology Priority Setting Partnership (PSP). Our project brings together the public, reviewers, researchers, funders, policymakers, and clinicians from across the world. This research is being conducted by Evidence Synthesis Ireland and the James Lind Alliance (UK). The Priority III study is being funded by the Health Research Board (HRB) and the Health and Social Care division of the Public Health Agency (PHA) of Northern Ireland within Evidence Synthesis Ireland (ESI).

As a COVID-END partner, please support the Priority III project by: 


  • Completing the online survey that has now launched here (approximately 10–15 minutes);
  • Sharing the survey with your contacts (patient and public representatives, reviewers, researchers, clinicians, or policymakers);
  • Publicising the survey through appropriate newsletters, websites, and meetings.


Unfortunately, the Survey was closed on THURSDAY, MAY 6, 2021.


Thank you for your help!