Past Events

Cochrane Rehabilitation has been present at the following events:



1-6 May, 2018

21st European Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation medicine (ESPRM 2018)

Session: "Cochrane Rehabilitation: an update"

Workshop: "Systematic Reviews: writing, reading, applying"

Vilnius, Lithuania 
19-22 April, 2018

VII Croatian Congress of PRM

Cochrane Rehabilitation Round Table with Prof. Stefano Negrini, Dr. Carlotte Kiekens and Prof. Frane Grubišic 

Sibenic-Solaris, Croatia
19-21 April, 2018

SOSORT 13th International Meeting

Presentation of Cochrane Rehabilitation during research course

Dubrovnik, Croatia
5-7 April, 2018

XVIII Congresso Nazionale SIRN

Session: "Cochrane Neurosciences and Rehabilitation"

Trieste, Italy
9th March, 2018

Convegno Cochrane Italia

Milan, Italy
13-17 February, 2018

Association of Academic Physiatry (AAP)

DeLisa Lecture by Prof. Stefano Negrini

Session by Prof. Stefano Negrini 

Session by Dr. Carlotte Kiekens

Atlanta, USA
7-10 February, 2018

10th World Congress for Neurorehabilitation

Meet the Prof.: Cochrane’s Approach to Grading the Evidence - Challenges for Neurorehabilitation by Prof. William Levack

Session by Prof. Julia Patrick Engkasan

Powai, Mumbai, India
07-10 Dicember, 2017

The 16th ASCoN Conference and Workshop

Lecture by Prof. Julia Patrick Engkasan

Chiangmai, Thailand
20-21 November, 2017

Russian Congress with International Participation of PRM

Lecture by Prof. Stefano Negrini

Moscow, Russia
9-12 November, 2017

12 th Mediterranean Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

Presentation"Cochrane Rehabilitation: Evidence to Rehabilitation and rehabilitation expertise to Cochrane", Prof. Francesca Gimigliano

Presentation"How to read a systematic Review", Prof. Frane Grubišic 

Presentation"Knowledge Translation: Cochrane Strategy to disseminate evidence", Prof. Francesca Gimigliano

9 and 10 November, 2017

 Dutch Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine. Baltic North Sea Forum on Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. Royal Belgian Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.

Presentation: "Cochrane Rehabilitation", Dr. Carlotte Kiekens

Presentation: "Benchmarking Controlled Trial-a novel concept covering all observational effectiveness studies", Prof. Antti Malmivaara

Presentation: "Generating evidence in rehabilitation: specific challenges and possible answers", Prof. Thorsten Meyer

Presentation: "From evidence to everyday clinical PRM practice", Prof. Stefano Negrini

Maastricht, Netherlands 
2-4 November, 2017

2nd Annual MENA Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 

Presentation: "How to achive good functional potential in Post-Stroke Rehabilitation", Prof. Farooq Rathore

Dubai, UAE
26-29 October, 2017

8th National Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Bulgarian Association of PMR "Rehabilitation today - from conventional medicine to new technologies"

Presentation of Cochrane Rehabilitation, Prof. Elena Ilieva

Riu Pravetz, Bulgaria
23-28 October, 2017

94th American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine 

Symposium: “Cochrane Rehabilitation: Building a bridge between research evidence and clinical practice”, Prof. William Levack

Atlanta, USA
22-25 October, 2017

 45th Simfer National Congress

Presentation of Cochrane and Cochrane Rehabilitation, Prof. Stefano Negrini

Presentation of the Organization of Cochrane Rehabilitation, Dr. Carlotte Kiekens

Presentation of the Knowledge Translation of Cochrane Rehabilitation, Prof. Francesca Gimigliano

Genova, Italy
19-20 October, 2017

XIII International meeting of PRM

Presentation of Cochrane Rehabilitation, Prof. Francesca Gimigliano

Porto, Portugal
12-13 October, 2017

International Scientific Congress AIFI 2017

Rome, Italy
13-16 September, 2017

The Global Evidence Summit

Cape Town, South Africa
8-10 September, 2017

 2017 New Zealand Rehabilitation Conference 

Keynote Lecture: “Cochrane Rehabilitation: From research to practice and practice to research”, Prof. William Levack

Christchurch, New Zealand
1-3 June, 2017

40th ASSBI Annual Brain Impairment Conference 

Keynote Lecture: “From research to practice and practice to research: Knowledge translation in neurorehabilitation”, Prof. William Levack

Melbourne, Australia
30 April-4 May, 2017

11th ISPRM World Congress

Buenos Aires, Argentina
6-8 April, 2017

XVII Congresso SIRN

 Pisa, Italy
20 March,  2017

26. Reha-Kolloquium 2017

Frankfurt, Germany

16 December, 2016

Official Launch of Cochrane Rehabilitation

 Brescia, Italy
19 September, 2016

Exploratory Meeting 2016

Rovato, Brescia, Italy