Get Involved

How can you be involved?

There are two different ways to work within Cochrane Rehabilitation:
1. individually, as a member of Cochrane Rehabilitation
2. in team with your colleagues, as a Cochrane Rehabilitation Unit

Members of Cochrane Rehabilitation are progressively receiving calls for possible tasks to be performed locally and/or individually, within the different committees. The proposed tasks will produce a list of tasks to be performed. Each year all members who will fulfil one or more specific task will be listed in our credits page. Moreover, at the end of the year a certificate  will be sent for recognition of the work performed.

If you want to be involved as a single member don't forget to periodically look at our calls

Cochrane Rehabilitation Units  produce bigger tasks always under the guidance of one or more Committees. A pre-requisite to apply as a Unit is to have at least one person working part time on a specific task, so being able to produce more work and also contributing to the overall financing of Cochrane Rehabilitation. Units are visible on the Cochrane Rehabilitation website and have the possibility to use the Cochrane Rehabilitation logo according to the Cochrane brand rules. Units are developed on an individual basis with a specific agreement. Requests should be made to Cochrane Rehabilitation sending an email to Cochrane Headquarters.

Advantages of getting involved

  • Contribute to the growth of science in Rehabilitation worldwide and in your own country
  • Contribute to spread the best evidence in the Rehabilitation world
  • Contribute to improve the methodology of Cochrane production of evidence in Rehabilitation
  • Global networking with colleagues engaged in the growth of science in Rehabilitation
  • Local networking with your national evidence based community
  • Increase your own knowledge on evidence and knowledge translation