About us

Cochrane Rehabilitation is a Field formally approved by Cochrane on October 22nd, 2016.

"In a health care context," rehabilitation is defined as a "multimodal, person-centered, collaborative process" (Intervention-general), including interventions targeting a person's "capacity (by addressing body structures, functions, and activities/participation) and/or contextual factors related to performance" (Intervention-specific) with the goal of "optimizing" the "functioning" (Outcome) of "persons with health conditions currently experiencing disability or likely to experience disability, or persons with disability" (Population).

Cochrane Rehabilitation serves as a bridge between Cochrane and all Rehabilitation stakeholders.

On one side, it drives evidence and methods developed by Cochrane to the world of Rehabilitation, and on the other, it conveys priorities, needs and specificities of Rehabilitation back to Cochrane.