Programme – 5th Anniversary

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13th December 2021

17.00 - 19.00 CET

17.00-17.15Introductory remarks and Cochrane Rehabilitation overviewStefano Negrini
17.15-17.40Cochrane Strategy for Change and the future of Cochrane Rehabilitation

Tracey Howe, Stefano Negrini

Interviewer: Carlotte Kiekens

17.40-18.05Methodological issues for evidence production in rehabilitation

Pierre Côté, Thorsten Meyer

Interviewer: Chiara Arienti

18.05-18.30Knowledge Translation activities: past, present, and future

Francesca Gimigliano, Mauro Zampolini, Aydan Oral, Margarida Freitas

Interviewer: Sara Liguori

18.30-18.45Q&A Session
18.45-19.00Final reporting and remarksCarlotte Kiekens

14th December 2021

9.00 - 11.00 am CET

9.00-9.15 amIntroductory remarks and Cochrane Rehabilitation overviewStefano Negrini
9.15-9.40Cochrane Reviews of rehabilitation interest: impact on Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Farooq Rathore, Abena Tannor

Interviewer: William Levack

9.40-10.05Education on evidence for the rehabilitation community

Julia Patrick Engkasan, Nikolaos Barotsis

Interviewer: Chiara Arienti

10.05-10.30Collaboration between Cochrane Rehabilitation and the WHO Rehabilitation Programme

Maria Gabriella Ceravolo, Wouter De Groote, Stefano Negrini

Interviewer: Carlotte Kiekens

10.30-10.45Q&A Session
10.45-11.00Final reporting and remarksCarlotte Kiekens

16th December 2021

17.00 - 20.00 CET

17.00-17.15Introductory remarksStefano Negrini
  • How to involve the rehabilitation community

William Levack, Margaret Walshe, Alex Todhunter-Brown

  • How to be useful to Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Farooq Rathore, Abena Tannor, Vanessa Seijas

  • How to impact health policies with evidence in rehabilitation

Wouter De Groote, Walter Frontera, Carlotte Kiekens, Francesca Gimigliano

  • How to provide education to the global rehabilitation community

Anne Cusick, Allen W. Heinemann, Melissa Selb, Geert Verheyden, Vanessa Young

  • How to improve methodology for evidence production and synthesis in rehabilitation

Pierre Côté, Chiara Arienti, Silvia Minozzi

  • How can the rehabilitation community contribute to the Cochrane Strategy for Change

Tracey Howe, Stefano Negrini, Kathy Mahan

18.30-19.30Reporting by the Rapporteurs & Plenary discussion
19.30-20.00Final remarks and closure