Best Evidence for Rehabilitation - be4rehab

The WHO – Cochrane rehabilitation Be4rehab (Best Evidence for Rehabilitation) project, during this year, has advanced towards its goal of extracting data form:

  • Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs)
  • Cochrane Systematic Reviews (CSRs)

 to inform the Package of Interventions in Rehabilitation (PIR).

Cochrane Rehabilitation was mainly responsible of two tasks:

(1) to supervise the methodology of the 8 Technical Working Groups (TWGs) that had the aim to extract the recommendations from CPGs relevant to rehabilitation for a specific health condition,

(2) to extract the data from all the 245 CSRs related to 17 out of the 20 health conditions that had been included in the PIR.

As per the first task, all 8 TWGs completed their assignment; data from 59 CPGs were extracted and information was sent to WHO selected multi-professional panels.

The data extraction form CSRs was completed for 16 health conditions. A total of 220 reviews were assessed. 133 of these CSRs included a Summary of Findings table complete with evidence quality evaluation according to GRADE system. The remaining 68 did not present a GRADE evaluation: for 48 a Summary of Findings and GRADE assessment were prepared; the remaining 20 either were empty reviews (6), focused only on secondary outcomes (2), presented only a descriptive summary (10) or were overviews (2).


Rauch A, Negrini S, Cieza A. Toward Strengthening Rehabilitation in Health Systems: Methods Used to Develop a WHO Package of Rehabilitation Interventions. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2019;100(11):2205-2211. doi:10.1016/j.apmr.2019.06.002