Cochrane Rehabilitation’s Prioritisation Exercise is a project going side by side with the ebook production.

An index for the ebook was initially drafted taking into account the indexes of many treatises and educational curricula in rehabilitation. Then through 3 Delphi Rounds, performed using a web-based platform, involving 100 health professionals from 9 different profession and from 39 countries, the index was refined till the final validation, resulting in 13 Chapters and 136 main paragraphs.

Considering the CSRs and Protocols published from inception till August 31th, 2018 and tagged as relevant to rehabilitation by the Reviews Committee of Cochrane Rehabilitation, the index has been mapped and gaps have been identified.

Two additional Delphi Rounds were produced to rate the need for production of new CSRs on each of the index paragraphs and to define the final list of priorities.

The prioritisation exercise is now completed, and Cochrane Review Groups and Networks will soon be informed of the results.