Completed special projects

BE4REHAB: Best Evidence for Rehabilitation

In collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) rehabilitation programme, this project aims to provide WHO with the evidence needed to produce the Package of Interventions for Rehabilitation (PIR). PIR will be provided by WHO to all countries to help health policy makers in planning and implementing rehabilitation into Healthcare Systems.

Cochrane "evidence relevant to" rehabilitation of people with post COVID-19 condition
Cochrane Rehabilitation developed a summary of “evidence relevant to” the rehabilitation of adults with post COVID-19 condition (PCC) to help the WHO Rehabilitation Programme to develop specific recommendations. The project provided a mapping synthesis of Cochrane Systematic Reviews on adults experiencing relevant PCC impairment.


In collaboration with 41 national Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine societies and 100 health professionals, this project grows with the Cochrane ebook. Its validated index provides a reference framework allowing to identify gaps in the current Cochrane Reviews of rehabilitation interest and to select priorities for future reviews production.

REH-COVER action: REHabilitation – COVID-19 Evidence-based Response
To update the rehabilitation community on the growing evidence for the role of rehabilitation in the management of COVID-19 patients, Cochrane Rehabilitation launched the REH-COVER (Rehabilitation – COVID-19 Evidence-based Response) action. The aim of this action is to focus on the timely collection, review, and dissemination of summarized and synthesized evidence relating to COVID-19 and rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation Definition
The word “rehabilitation” often conveys different meanings depending on the context, thus bringing disagreements and misunderstandings. Cochrane Rehabilitation found difficulties in defining inclusion and exclusion criteria for interventions in rehabilitation. This project aims to develop a new definition of rehabilitation to be used for these scientific purposes.