The 5th Cochrane Rehabilitation Methodological Meeting

The Cochrane Rehabilitation Methodological Meetings are scientific working meetings that serve the community by developing new tools and a better understanding of evidence production and synthesis.

The aims of the methodological meetings include:

• Challenge the status quo about evidence gathering and use;

• identify the methodological specificities of rehabilitation;

• educate the field;

• inform people outside the field.


The 5th Cochrane Rehabilitation Methodological Meeting (5CRMM) is a gathering of global experts in rehabilitation research methodology, focused on the theme "The Rehabilitation evidence-generation ecosystem: useful study designs". The goal is to improve the status quo in the use of scientific evidence in rehabilitation, providing a better understanding of its production and synthesis for practical purposes for sector operators. The objective is to generate proposals for the use of specific study designs and disseminate them through a Special Issue of a top-tier scientific journal. New tools will be discussed and preliminary articles will be developed, with group sessions for the production of original articles describing the evidence-generation ecosystem in rehabilitation. The ultimate goal is to stimulate advancements in understanding and producing robust scientific evidence in the field of rehabilitation.

The 5CRMM will include the following topics:

  • How to develop a research question that is answerable and logical
  • Observational study designs
  • Ways to improve the validity of observational studies
  • Case reports, Case Series, and related experimental designs
  • What we can learn from systematic reviews to improve the methodological quality of RCTs
  • Qualitative studies
  • Complex intervention studies
  • Health services research studies


Further information will be provided later.