Financing and Strategic


European Union of Medical Specialities - Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Board and Section
The UEMS PRM Board (for education activities) and Section (for professional activities) represent the specialists in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM) within the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS). These bodies collaborate with Cochrane Rehabilitation in several activities and in particular financing  and supporting the ebook production.

European Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ESPRM)
ESPRM is the European Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. It has been the birthplace of Cochrane rehabilitation, that was started and promoted by the ESPRM EBM Special Interest Scientific Committee. ESPRM offers its support to different Cochrane Rehabilitation activities and is financial partner in the ebook production.
International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM)
ISPRM serves as the global agency for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. It collaborates in several activities, offers a financial contribution and hosts at its annual World Congress the meeting of Cochrane Rehabilitation Advisory Board.
European academy of Rehabilitation Medicine (EARM)
EARM is a body composed of up to 50 senior PRM physicians across Europe who are invited to membership on the basis of their distinguished contribution to the specialty, particularly its humanitarian aspects. EARM represents an important strategic partner of Cochrane Rehabilitation co-financing the ebook production.