Advisory Board

Global Societies

Portrait of Pamela EnderbyPast President of the International Association of Communication Sciences and DisordersProf. Pamela Enderby
Portrait of Edward LemairePast President of International Society for Prosthetics and OrthoticsProf. Edward Lemaire
Portrait of Francesca GimiglianoPresident of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation MedicineProf. Francesca Gimigliano
Portrait of Christoph GutenbrunnerPresident Elect of Rehabilitation InternationalProf. Christoph Gutenbrunner
Portrait of David C. GoodPast President of the World Federation for NeuroRehabilitationProf. David Charles Good
Portrait of Lynette MacKenzieRepresentative of World Federation of Occupational TherapistsProf. Lynette MacKenzie
Portrait of Alarcos CiezaCoordinator of Disability and Rehabilitation for World Health OrganizationProf. & Dr. Alarcos Cieza
Portrait of Linda WoodhouseRepresentative of World PhysiotherapyProf. Linda J. Woodhouse

Regional Societies

Portrait of Reynaldo Rey-MatiasPast President of the Asia-Oceanian Society of Physical and Rehabilitation MedicineProf. Reynaldo Rey-Matias
Portrait of Gustavo BoccaPast President of the Asociacion Medica LatinoAmericana de RehabilitationProf. Gustavo Bocca
Portrait of Gerold StuckiPresident of the European Academy of Rehabilitation MedicineProf. Gerold Stucki
Portrait of Klemen GrabljevecPresident of the European Society of Physical & Rehabilitation MedicineDr. Klemen Grabljevec
Portrait of Mauro ZampoliniPresident of the Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Section and Board of the European Union of Medical SpecialistsDr. Mauro Zampolini
Portrait of Verónica Silvana MatassaPresident of SOCILAR - Latin American Scientific Society for RehabilitationProf. & Dr. Verónica Silvana Matassa


Editor-in-Chief American Journal of Occupational TherapyDr. Stacey Reynolds
Portrait of Walter FronteraEditor-in-Chief American Journal of Physical Medicine and RehabilitationProf. Walter R. Frontera
Portrait of Dominic PérennouEditor-in-Chief Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation MedicineProf. Dominic Pérennou
Portrait of Leighton ChanEditor-in-Chief Archives of Physical Medicine and RehabilitationDr. Leighton Chan
Portrait of Allen W. HeinemannEditor-in-Chief Archives of Physical Medicine and RehabilitationProf. Allen W. Heinemann
Portrait of Avril DrummondEditor-in-Chief Clinical RehabilitationProf. Avril Drummond
Portrait of Bernard DanEditor-in-Chief Developmental Medicine & Child NeurologyProf. Bernard Dan
Portrait of Wendy MachalicekEditor-in-Chief Developmental NeurorehabilitationProf. Wendy Machalicek
Portrait of Giorgio FerrieroEditor-in-Chief European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation MedicineDr. Giorgio Ferriero
Portrait of Douglas GrossEditor-in-Chief Journal of Occupational RehabilitationProf. Douglas Gross
Portrait of Clare ArdernEditor-in-Chief Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical TherapyDr. Clare Ardern
Portrait of Kristian BorgEditor-in-Chief Journal of Rehabilitation MedicineDr. Kristian Borg
Portrait of Henk StamEditor-in-Chief Journal of Rehabilitation MedicineProf. Henk Stam
Portrait of Ann MooreEditor-in-Chief of Musculoskeletal Science & PracticeProf. Ann Moore
Portrait of Randolph J. NudoEditor-in-Chief Neurorehabilitation and Neural RepairProf. Randolph J. Nudo
Portrait of Alan JetteEditor-in-Chief Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation JournalProf. Alan Jette

Cochrane Groups

Portrait of Alex Todhunter-BrownCochrane Heart, Stroke and CirculationProf. Alex Todhunter-Brown
Portrait of Roberto D'AmicoDirector Cochrane ItalyProf. Roberto D'Amico
Portrait of Carsten Bogh JuhlCochrane Musculoskeletal GroupProf. Carsten Bogh Juhl

Consumers' Representatives

Portrait of Gordon RattrayRepresentative of Consumers European Disability ForumGordon Rattray
Portrait of Joseph P. O'BrienRepresentative of Consumers National Scoliosis FoundationDr. Joseph P. O'Brien
Portrait of Jenny ClarkeRepresentative of Consumers - SameYou for brain injury recoveryJenny Clarke

LMICs Representatives

Portrait of Raju DhakalRepresentative of Low- and Middle-Income CountriesDr. Raju Dhakal
Portrait of Abena Yeboaa TannorRepresentative of Low- and Middle-Income CountriesDr. Abena Yeboaa Tannor


Portrait of Anne CusickExpertProf. Anne Cusick
Portrait of Andrew J. HaigExpertProf. Andrew J. Haig
Portrait of Jianan LiExpertDr. Jianan Li
Portrait of Luz Helena LugoExpertDr. Luz Helena Lugo
Portrait of Antti MalmivaaraExpertProf. Antti Malmivaara
Portrait of Peter TugwellExpertProf. Peter Tugwell
Portrait of Derick WadeExpertProf. Derick Wade
Portrait of Sam WuExpertProf. Sam Wu